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Author & Punisher

Author & Punisher (Tristan Shone) is an industrial doom and drone metal, one man band utilizing primarily custom fabricated machines/controllers and speakers.  He has performed and shown these machines in festivals and exhibitions in the United States and abroad extensively, releasing his third album, yet first sculpture/art based album entitled “Drone Machines” in 2010 on Heart & Crossbone Records out of Tel-Aviv.  His new record, focused primarily on the newer Dub Machines, will be
released in the Summer/Fall fo 2011.

Drone/Dub Machines are custom made machines fabricated from raw materials and utilizing open source circuitry. The devices draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation, robotics and mechanical tools and devices, focusing on the eroticism of interaction with machine. The machines require significant force from the performer, aligning he or she with the plodding drone and doom influenced sounds that are created.

Alongside fabricating machines and composing sound for performance, Tristan works at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (http://ncmir.ucsd.edu) as a mechanical engineer and the Center for Research and Computing in the Arts (http://crca.ucsd.edu) at the University of California, San Diego as a researcher in sound interface design.


+316 5583 0311

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