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Pasquale Direse (IT)


#news is een project van net en informatiekunst. De toekomst van het net is in handen van de informatie-maatschappij waarbij de grens wordt verplaatst tussen nieuws uit de instituten naar nieuws uit global sharing.

#news is a project of net & information art.

The future of the web is in the hands of the information society. A peculiar type of information, the one disposed in real time by traditional mass media, is on the border of a break point.

The Web 2.0 era reveals a new way of producing information: the news are the ones shared by people on the social media networks. Is a step forward, towards open sources and global sharing.

The future of the Web is towards the applications and the cloud database, the open archives universally accessible.

#news is the hybrid press/social of real time news from the Internet that reveals the contrast between news created by institutional sources counterposed to the ones made and discussed by the “colored” people.

In #news the newspaper is a black and white mirror that transforms itself into a colored metalanguage produced by spectator’s movement. The motion as a metaphor of a shift. A dynamic towards the future of the web, the networks...and society. A new step towards technological singularity.

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