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Bengt Sjölén (SE)

Panoramic Wifi Camera
Bengt Sjölén(SE) and Adam Somlai Fischer(HU) with Usman Haque(UK)

The Panoramic Wifi Camera maakt opnames van ruimte die verlicht wordt met onzichtbare draadloze radio signalen. De PW Camera onthult de topologie van deze electromagnetische ecologie, een 'Hertziaanse ruimte', en laat zien dat zelfs ons eigen lichaam een onzichtbare schaduw heeft....

The Panoramic Wifi Camera takes pictures of spaces illuminated by wireless radio signals, in much the same way that a traditional camera takes pictures through visible light. In effect, it is a camera which captures the invisible. Wireless radio networks are increasingly part of our daily lives throughout the developed world. The camera reveals the topology of this electromagnetic ecology, or ‘Hertzian space’, showing that even our own bodies cast their ‘shadows’. Wifi uses wireless radio signals in the of 2.4 Ghz range which behave similarly to light waves, in that they are reflected off almost all solid objects. When we perceive colours, we see the light that is reflected off an object into our eyes. The Panoramic Wifi Camera allows us to perceive the radio environment in a similar manner. The Panoramic Wifi Camera is constructed from home-made directional antennae, which are placed in a careful array, each at a slightly different angle. This array rotates slowly, scanning, to build-up an image of a space. The work is a powerful example of how artists are creating new methods of visualising the intangible and atemporal environment which we exist within.


Ann-Sofie Back Ateljé(SE), Bengt Sjölén(SE)

Een van de vele fraaie hoogtepunten tijdens de Arnhem Fashion Biennale 2011, deze Zweedse samenwerking tussen mediakunstenaar Sjolen en mode ontwerpster Back. lees hier haar Engelse commentaar:

“As a fashion designer I usually look for inspiration in social phenomena that I don’t understand or disagree with, like celebrity culture in the past or like this time, porn. I am interested in what I call the pornification of society, how socially accepted porn imagery is to us and how un-titillating and un-shocking. It is not about morals, I don’t know what I think, which is probably why I find it interesting."
Commissioned by the Arnhem Fashion Biennale

+316 5583 0311

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