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Saturday 10 september | 14h | Concordia Cinema, Oude Markt 15 | Free entrance


Basis of DATA PANIC / TRUE PLAY is the full accessibility and manipulability of information/data in digital networks, from which interesting new cultural and pop phenomena as well as surreal information trade and political panic actions arise. We wonder in how far new media truly reveal old myths and ideologies, and whether there are any myths and utopias within the new media themselves. Where and how do old and new values in old and new media collide? How do activists and artists shape culture and politics in this battlefield and what do they hope to accomplish?

Speakers: Peter Oltshoorn, Heath Bunting, Florian Cramer & Domenico Quaranta
Moderator: Josephine Bosma
Languangel: English

LIVE STREAMING via this page

Josephine Bosma. Moderator for GOGBOT, art critic and author.

Peter Olsthoorn is a historian and a journalist. Amongst other things he wrote the book "Intranet & Internet" in 1997 and in 2010 he published "The power of Google." In 2000 he founded Netkwesties.nl, an e-zine about social-economic consequences of the Internet, followed up in 2008 Leugens.nl, a website dedicated to falsehoods in politics and media. We asked Olsthoorn to talk about his experiences with the fabrication of information and the profuse life it can lead. We might even be able to tempt Peter Olsthoorn to philosophize a bit about the future of the truth.

Heath Bunting was born a Buddhist in Wood Green, London, UK and is able to make himself laugh (currently, reduced to only smile). This is what it says in his biography. Bunting is known for being an instigator of the so-called ‘net.art’ movement, in which his work as an organizer and artist was highly influential. After this he kept making critical and poetic works, which brought him assignments like art commissions for the Tate London as well as a lifelong ban from entering the USA. Bunting’s website shows an abundance of works in which the edges of our reality are explored, and in which life is celebrated.

Florian Cramer, originally from Berlin, works as a lecturer at the Hogeschool of Rotterdam. He is a critic and a thinker in the field of new media, art and society, and a rising star in the mediatheoretical galaxy. Texts by Florian Cramer appeared in several books and publications, and cover the most diverse topics, from software art and code poetry to critical reflections on the media landscape. A lecture by Cramer is always a surprise because of his ability to balance humor, an original mind, and an amazing knowledge of facts.

Domenico Quaranta from Italy is a curator and critic with an impressive list of productions to his name. Next to his many exhibitions the 33-year old Quaranta published three books of his own and edited at least six catalogues, all about art and new media. He also writes for magazines, like Flash Art, and maintains a blog. For GOGBOT he freed up some time to talk about the special relationship between art, social critique and media activism in Italy and beyond. Domenico Quaranta currently prepares an exhibition called Collect the WWWorld, The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age, which opens September 24th in Brescia, Italy.

+316 5583 0311

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