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Maria Zendrera

9-11 september | TETEM Kunstruimte
Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam

Woman not included 2011

Intervention in the net. Three ads in Marktplaats.nl which photos show a naked woman with the product on sale (an Acer Aspire One blue netbook, a Mac mini and a Roland sampler) two of the ads have been removed by Marktplaats because of erotic content

Hitchhiking project 2010 (with Christo Buschek)

The project “Hitchhiking” consists of making virtual hitchhiking trips without moving out of the artist’s studio. By placing a mobile computer installation in the street, connected in video conference, the artist will struggle to reach her destination with the help of passersby. This artwork explores virtual and real spaces as well as virtual interactions. It’s an adventure that includes tracing objects (GPS), a sociological experiment and new ways of using mobile Internet and videoconference.

+316 5583 0311

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